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Special Parochial meeting: 8th August at 12 noon at St Anne's Church

An update from Revd Duncan 

On 1st July, our two parishes became one!

We had no warning and I only found out after it had happened. The development is something the churches' leadership has been working on for a number of years and I want to thank them for their support and patience as we went through the process. We are now a single parish with two parish churches, each of which has two churchwardens. 

There are a number of implications which wiill play themselves out in the coming months. You will see subtle changes to the way we describe and name our parish on our website, bulletin and other communications. Team e mail addresses and our website address changed in anticipation of this last year so will not nered to cahnge again. 

However, as the parishes of St Anne's and St Mary's no longer exist, neither do the Church Councils that led them!  Therefore I need to convene a Special Meeting to elect a new single PCC.  This will take place on Sunday 8th August 2021 at St Anne's church at  noon. Everyone who is on the existing electoral roll of the previous parishes is invited to attend.

If you would be interested in standing as a member of the new PCC, please have a word with me or one of the clergy.

The meeting will only elect a new PCC, there will be no other substantive items on the agenda.

I am happy to report that Churchwardens, Deanery Synod representatives and clergy automatically carry forward to the new PCC. There will be one vacancy for a Deanery Synod representative. 





 It is good to welcome you to this website of the dynamic and vibrant community that worships in the two parish churches in Moseley - St Anne’s and St Mary’s. We are an open and inclusive, wide-ranging group of Christians who meet together to worship God and encourage one another. The Eucharist is central to our worship in Moseley and through it we receive empowerment to share God’s love to the people in the village and beyond.

Our congregations regularly contain five generations worshipping together and in both churches you will receive a warm welcome, the opportunity to worship God, to be challenged and encouraged through his word and to make new friends. In these times of pandemic restrictions we are operating blended worship - with congregations present in both our churches and with some of St Mary’s services being live-streamed across multiple platforms. Please see our weekly bulletin for details of how to access these if you are not yet able to join us in person.

We are used to celebrating the major Christian festivals like Easter and Christmas and even a day off for Pentecost at the end of May each year. We are also familiar with Church seasons such as Advent and Lent. Sometimes the festivals and seasons come quickly, one after the other, other times they stretch for a long a period. Nine weeks after Easter comes Trinity Sunday when we focus on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and so begins the season of ‘Sundays after Trinity’ which runs all the way to end of October. Each festival and season have a liturgical colour and these Sundays are known as Green Sundays. This is useful as our readings week by week take us through Bible passages that help us to attend to our faith, nurture our spiritual growth and generally tidy up the way we live as Christian disciples. Green is appropriate as it reinforces notions of growth and cultivation as we attend to the garden of our faith.

Thank you for stopping by to read. I hope to welcome you in person very soon. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

 With warm best wishes,

 Revd Duncan Strathie

 Vicar of Moseley



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